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Psychedelic or mind-manifesting experiences refer to the subjective effects of an altered perception of one's self and increased awareness of mental processes. This altered state of consciousness has the potential to be disorienting, overwhelming, and may even leave some feeling alone, as the psychedelic journey can impact various domains of one's life.

Integration means to "bring parts together to make a whole." The integration work is often overlooked or the support is unavailable, so one may miss out on the potential opportunity for psychospiritual healing and growth.

A psychedelic integration therapist can help to create a safe container for one to fully process gained insights, emotions, or attitudes from their experience, and then ultimately incorporate these insights into their lifestyle through practice and habit building.

Psychedelic integration also includes preparation support, which emphasizes harm reduction. Preparation can address misinformation, dispel myths, and provide necessary education about psychedelics, which allow for a smoother, and safer journey. If a person intends to use psychedelics for medicinal purposes and wants lasting change, then psychedelic integration is a vital part of the journey.

About Julianne Lucia

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Julianne Lucia, LCSW, does not recommend or encourage the use of or supply, any illegal substance. Illegal psychedelic drugs are discussed for harm reduction, safety, and educational purposes only.